czw. May 28, 2020
Research work

The Chair employees are members of many international associations as well as scientific and professional institutions e.g. Polish Society of Production Management, Polish Statistical Association, International Institute of Forecasters (USA), IEEE Computer Society (USA), IEEE Power Engineering Society (USA), Association of Polish Electrical Engineers.

Some employees of the Choir are involved in the scientific work of the Polish National Foresight Programme and project of Polish Rectors Foundation named "Benchmarking in higher education".

Primary research activity of the Chair embraces: applications of quantity methods in management, artificial intelligence methods, management information systems, logistics systems, e-economy, economic forecasting, electric energy markets, productivity assessment in decision making units, benchmarking, foresight, management in higher education.

Many of the achieved results have been the subject of national and international scientific publications, conference presentations and other studies (

The Chair regularly receives grants from KBN (State Committee for Scientific Research), participates in various international projects and carries out research supported from the Dean's and Rector's funds.